Shipping is a dropshipping website.

What is dropshipping?

Well, the chances are that if you have ever placed an order for something on a Shopify website, or on Amazon and noticed a little 'Fulfilled by FBA' tag beside the product, you've already used a dropshipping service!

Essentially, we advertise products on our website that are stored in wholesale warehouses.  When you order through our website, we place an order with our wholesale suppliers.

The stock levels are updated in real time, so don't worry about placing an order and us not being able to source it.  That has never happened, and if it did we would simply refund you.

The wholesalers we use are reputable, verified suppliers. 

What do we mean by verified suppliers?

Verified suppliers have been vetted by Oberlo, one of the biggest dropshipping marketplaces in the world.

Verified suppliers have successfully shipped over 1000 orders and ship 95% of the orders on time.

They are either in China or the USA.  This means we are able to advertise products at a much better price than UK retailers, but it also means shipping can take a little longer than if shipped from the UK.

Delivery is normally within 2-3 weeks.

Like most things in life, it pays to plan ahead!

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